Telehealth LCSW - Florida

  • 2G Medical Staffing
  • Jacksonville, FL, 32202
  • Full Time
  • Master's Degree
  • Experienced

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Job Description:

Does providing hope, compassion, and support to individuals facing substance-exposed living who may be feeling overwhelmed and in need of help appeal to you? The primary client focus for this role will be working with pregnant females with substance abuse issues. So if you are seeking a fulfilling career where you can be an important advocate for individuals most needing your expertise and knowledge, please apply today. 

Work innovatively with a multidisciplinary team to create and implement trauma-informed, individualized plans uniquely designed to change lives for the better.

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Or contact me to schedule your phone interview. 

Company Description:

I recruit qualified healthcare professionals throughout the U.S., Hawaii, Alaska, and U.S. Virgin Islands for permanent placement and locum tenens opportunities. I make a plan with the candidate, centered on skills performed and their preference for specific locations.