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Talented and Gifted Teacher

  • Ivy Prep Academy
  • Atlanta, GA, 30317
  • Part Time
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Experienced

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Job Description:

At Ivy Prep Academy (Kirkwood) the TAG teacher is responsible for organizing, implementing, and supporting modified instructional strategies to meet the needs of Talented and Gifted scholars in Gifted and/or basic education classes. The position is school-based and reports to the Director of Scholar Services with support from the Scholar Support Team.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


  • Designing or selecting appropriate instructional modifications for Talented and Gifted scholars and coordinating these activities with other teachers as appropriate.
  • Continuing professional growth through education meetings, visiting related facilities, reading professional literature, and exchanging ideas among the district staff.
  • Working in coordination with other teachers in planning and developing the program.


  • Preparing, implementing, and evaluating an annual educational plan for each scholar based on individually assessed needs in accordance with district procedures.
  • Preparing lesson plans for each group of scholars.
  • Providing appropriate schedules for exceptional scholars involving school personnel as required.
  • Seeking a variety of services through community resources and agencies to meet the needs of exceptional scholars.
  • Developing and monitoring the modified strategies for the scholars in coordination with the General Education Talented and Gifted teachers as appropriate.
  • Providing direct consultation to General Education teachers on how to implement strategies.
  • Team teaching with General Education teachers to support Talented and Gifted scholars when appropriate.
  • Participating in the in-school staffing and screening process as appropriate.
  • Facilitating evaluation teams for Talented and Gifted scholars.
  • Providing specialized instruction to individual and small groups of Talented and Gifted scholars when necessary to support learning the content areas.
  • Assisting in the selection of books, equipment and other instructional materials.
  • Taking all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect scholars, materials, equipment and facilities.
  • Seeking a variety of services through community resources and agencies to meet the needs of Talented and Gifted scholars.

Public Relations:

  • Conferring with basic education teachers as requested concerning any educational needs of scholars.
  • Developing and conducting necessary in-service programs to inform General Education classroom teachers of the goals and objectives of the Talented and Gifted program where appropriate.
  • Providing information to community groups, parents, and news media concerning Talented and Gifted programs as requested or needed and as approved by the immediate supervisor.
  • Providing specialized instructional techniques through individual or group sessions designed to meet the educational needs of scholars.
  • Working to establish and maintain open lines of communication with scholars and their parents concerning the broad academic and behavioral progress of all assigned scholars.



  • Ensuring that each scholar in the program has necessary evaluation and consultation records in his/her permanent folder.
  • Completing progress reports on each scholar as needed.
  • Completing reports for appropriate local and state educational agencies.
  • Referring those scholars who require further evaluation or follow-up services to the appropriate school personnel or community agencies.
  • Documenting ongoing consultation with basic education teachers and maintaining a record of modified instructional strategies and results for each scholar where appropriate.
  • Attending and participating in faculty meeting or other meetings as required.

Required Qualifications:


Bachelors Degree

Valid Georgia Talented and Gifted Certification or endorsement, or will meet D.O.E. certification requirements.

Ivy Preparatory Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, veteran status or disability in any of its employment practices, educational programs, services or activities. Individuals who desire accommodations on the basis of a disability should contact the Human Resources Department.


Company Description:

Ivy Prep Academy has an established culture of achievement whereby academic success is vital, and the development of a girl’s individual potential is central. All Ivy Prep scholars receive a personalized education plan that guides their journey to success. They are taught by highly effective teachers who understand how girls learn best, and how to inspire each scholar to reach their potential. 


We go beyond math, science, and language arts. Our rigorous curriculum and after school activities expose scholars to a host of academic and social avenues, including coding, public speaking, foreign language, college-career readiness tours, physical education, music, dance, step, cheerleading and more.