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Systems Engineer

  • 540
  • Arlington, VA, 22202
  • Full Time
  • Bachelor's Degree

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Job Description:

540.co is looking for an API Designer and overall Guru to help leaders in the Pentagon improve visibility through data analytics platform development. We are looking for a startup-minded individual to work with and understand client requirements and define appropriate and scalable technical architecture, approach and API design. On this project, you will be supporting the implementation of an API-centric data platform that collects data via reporting requirements and policy for Pentagon leadership and Congress. Additionally, you will support the maturation of a data analytics layer that ingests various DoD acquisition data sets for discovery, data wrangling, data analysis, and data visualization.  Other than the facilitation of reporting workflows and data security and access, our client wants to design and implement a system that unlocks all collected data for analysis through a variety of micro web apps (powered by reusable APIs) that can be built quickly and maintained/deployed easily.

Required Skills & Experience
  • Proficiencies in the area of API design, building and consumption (REST and SOAP #yesSigh… but mostly REST)
  • Understanding of HTTP and TLS/SSL
  • Ability to rapidly code proof of concepts to help with analysis of alternatives
  • Understanding and experience with the frameworks, tools, and challenges of developing web applications (JavaScript, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, etc)
  • Experience with a couple of the listed technologies and frameworks: Java, Hibernate, MongoDB, Postrgres, SQL, Elasticsearch, Lucene, Atlassian Confluence
  • Ability to define and document technical requirements based from a set of functional requirements provided by the government
  • Ability to identify performance issues at the app, API, and data tiers and offer solutions to make it better
  • Ability to define, create, and execute integration tests (API testing, unit testing, etc)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently (as if on an island) with clients, but also be a consummate team player
  • Must have or be able to get a security clearance
Nice To Have Skills & Experience
  • Experience with securing sensitive data (including security marking standards such as DoD Banner Lines or ISM)
  • Understanding of various methods of authentication via APIs (PKI, OAuth, etc) and authorization (LDAP, SAML, etc)
  • Experience/background in data mining, data analytics, data quality and data science (machine learning, NLP techniques, etc.)
  • Experience deploying applications in DoD or other accredited federal environments that require IA certification and accreditation to deploy
  • Understanding of high availability and scalability techniques at the app, API, and data tiers including concepts such as sharding
  • Experience with an API Gateway (such as Apigee, etc)

Company Description:

540 is a forward-thinking company that the government turns to in order to #getshitdone. We do more than talk about it, we break down barriers to innovation and build impactful tech. We are changing the world by facilitating the frictionless flow of data across the government.

We’re looking for someone with big ideas, who thrives on innovation and is a self-starter. If you love to learn about and work with new technologies, we want to talk to you.