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Software Developer

  • 540
  • Arlington, VA, 22202
  • Full Time
  • Bachelor's Degree

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Job Description:

You will be expected to create a data processing pipeline that pulls data from upstream sources, allows transformation of that data, and provides a publishing workflow that product owners can use to preview and manage the data. Additionally, you will create REST APIs to deliver data to end users and rebuild a set of front end web applications to modernize them and provide a better UX Modernize the client’s software development practices, using newer more cutting edge technology, Agile/Scrum process to manage projects, while utilizing the cloud for deploying applications

Required Skills & Experience
  • Experience with developing JavaScript for both front end and back end web applications and knowledge/understanding of popular tools and frameworks (specifically Node.js and Express)
  • Experience with React (or a comparable JS framework)
  • Understanding of the technologies and challenges of developing web applications (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, etc)
  • Experience developing applications that leverage RESTful APIs as a means for data delivery
  • Experience developing SQL databases including the ability to organize data and write performant queries (i.e. Postgres, MySQL, etc)
  • Experience using Git for source revision control (including good code management and merging practices)
  • Understanding (and preferably experience) of NoSQL document stores such as Elasticsearch and MongoDB
  • Ability to identify performance issues at the app, API, and data tiers and offer solutions to make it better
  • Ability to define, create, and execute unit tests and end-to-end tests
  • Ability to rapidly code proof of concepts to help with analysis of implementation options
  • Eagerness to learn new technologies and ability to learn new languages, frameworks, design patterns, and technologies within a couple of weeks
  • Ability to work successfully in fast-paced environment, with both on-site and remote teams
  • Must be able to obtain a public trust clearance from the FDIC
Nice To Have Skills & Experience
  • Experience with Typescript
  • Experience with Nest.js web framework
  • Experience with build scripts and package managers such as NPM and Gulp
  • Experience with using and managing CI/CD pipeline tools (such as Jenkins or Microsoft TFS)
  • Experience working on a SCRUM and an understanding of core Agile principles
  • Understanding of HTTP and TLS/SSL
  • Fundamental understanding of RESTful API design principles
  • Experience with deploying applications to cloud environments (such as AWS, Cloud Foundry or Cloud.gov)
  • Experience deploying applications in accredited federal environments that require IA certification and accreditation to deploy

Company Description:

540 is a forward-thinking company that the government turns to in order to #getshitdone. We do more than talk about it, we break down barriers to innovation and build impactful tech. We are changing the world by facilitating the frictionless flow of data across the government.

We’re looking for someone with big ideas, who thrives on innovation and is a self-starter. If you love to learn about and work with new technologies, we want to talk to you.