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Job Description:

The Company is a renowned business management firm serving high net-worth clients in the sports and entertainment industry. The Company provides comprehensive financial and advisory services including accounting, tax, tour management and wealth preservation strategy. We foster a culture of professionals who are committed to super serving our clients and their trusted advisors. The Company seeks to employ innovative methods to provide the highest level of accounting and business management services. We create a financial foundation and path to sustain growth and stability which allows our clients to focus on their fullest professional and personal goals.

Position Summary
This position requires a highly organized individual who possesses strong initiative and has the ability to complete multiple
projects in a deadline driven environment. This individual must be able to communicate effectively and understands the need to
work in an integrated manner with other members of the department in furtherance of goals, objectives, and knowledge.

Job Essentials, Responsibilities, Duties

  •  Preparation of federal and state tax returns: Individual, Corporate, Trust, Fiduciary, Exempt, etc.
  •  Preparation of complex income tax returns including but not limited to Individual, Partnership, Corporation, and S Corporation.
  •  Preparation of quarterly tax projections before submitting to Tax Manager for review.
  •  Review and oversight over tax preparation work papers and initial review of returns.
  •  Review and oversight over quarterly and annual payroll tax returns.
  •  Calculation and distribution of W-2s and 1099s.
  •  Preparation of tax correspondence & assist in negotiation with tax authorities.
  •  Tax research.
  •  Assist Tax Manager with coordination of audits by various taxation authorities.
  •  Assist Tax Manager with entity creation and dissolution.
  •  Assist Tax Manager with training and educating Staff Accountants on tax-related information.


  •  Proactively identify opportunities for improving service and communication.
  •  Establish strong working relationships with the Business Management teams to thoroughly understand their clients and
  • client’s risk assessments. Establish partnership relationships with these teams through the delivery of timely and accurate information which best serves the client.
  •  Anticipate problems and proactively provide solutions.
  •  Develop presentations for various levels of management relative to their needs.


  • Utilizes tax expertise to devise tax strategies to defer tax payments.
  • Review general ledgers for accuracy & appropriateness of accounting treatment and account classification.
  • Prepare book to tax related journal entries, discuss any such entries with the Staff Accountants and review accuracy of input into the G/L post entry by the Accounting Managers.
  • Prepare quarterly tax projections, estimates and year-end bonuses within required due date.
  • Create tax data collection systems, monitoring and reporting tools to keep supervisors apprised of status and risk.
  • Advise staff regarding the tax impact of corporate strategies.
  • Maintain appropriate documentation and support for all journal entries & deliverables.


  •  Identify training courses to address gaps between current skill sets and required competencies.
  •  Monitor progress against stated objectives.
  •  Promote teamwork both internally and externally.
  •  Look for opportunities to educate others on knowledge which will benefit them.
  •  Train and develop Staff Accountants with tax-related information.


  •  Ensure accurate and up-to-date information is maintained within timekeeping system.
  •  Ensure Supervisor is updated regarding projects and other information as needed.
  •  Ensure that all working papers are properly organized, stored, & retrievable.
  •  Maintain documentation of status for all assigned tasks.
  •  Support paperless philosophy via the use of scan and save technology.


  •  Establishes trust with others.
  •  Cultivates relationships and establishes networks through professional contacts.
  •  Partners with members of the department on assignments which require shared information.
  •  Looks for ways to help others add value.
  •  Takes proactive steps to maintain relationships.


  •  Asks questions to determine client expectations and requirements.
  •  Follows up with clients on a timely basis.
  •  Initiates action without being directed or asked to by others.


  •  Recognizes the merit of different positions, points of view or competing interests.
  •  Selects the communication style and presentation method that will yield the greatest impact.
  •  Influences others to take action.
  •  Interacts effectively with people of all levels.


  •  Effectively deals with straight forward choices.
  •  Clarifies and examines assumptions with others to reduce uncertainty.
  •  Proactively generates alternative options before making a decision.
  •  Anticipates the long-term consequences of a decision.


  •  Understands relationships among several parts of a problem.
  •  Involves management in process after alternatives have been developed and can be presented.
  •  Sees patterns that help to explain the root causes of complex problems.
  •  Applies creative, practical solutions to solve problems that are not obvious to others.
  •  Brings the right people together to address issues.


  •  Demonstrates knowledge of tax and QuickBooks accounting software & Excel.
  •  Suggests ways to use data analysis tools or otherwise automate processes.
  •  Possesses excellent spreadsheet skills.


  •  Participates in meetings with concise, well-thought answers and provides constructive feedback.
  •  Extracts information from informal comments.


  •  Develops estimates, establishes deadlines and follows through.
  •  Monitors tasks and assignments to ensure accurate and timely completion.
  •  Coordinates the work of all resources to achieve maximum productivity.


  •  Demonstrates a working knowledge of business management services.
  •  Identifies best practices within the company that may be relevant to the position responsibilities.
  •  Uses a wide range and depth of technical or specialized expertise to resolve problems


  •  Shares ideas, innovations and best practices that can benefit others.
  •  Supports team decisions to people outside of the team.
  •  Plays multiple roles on a team as needed.
  •  Recognizes the success of others.
  •  Understands the need to work in an integrated manner with other members of the department in furtherance of goals, objectives and perception.

Specific Job Knowledge, skills, and Abilities

  •  Proficient in using QuickBooks & ProSystems


  •  BS Accounting, Finance, Economics
  •  Strong academic record
  •  Experience in managing several concurrent projects for at least 2 years
  •  Active CPA license (TN or CA preferred)
  •  Experience within a Business Management Firm and/or the entertainment industry where there would be good transferability of skills.
Salary Range
Company Description:

Kindred Communications is boutique direct-hire placement headhunting firm with a focus on diversity and inclusion tech placement. We strive to diversify the workforce once placement at a time.