Senior Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer

  • Enclipse
  • Saint Paul, MN, 55101

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Job Description:

Sample Tasks:

· Perform data mapping diagrams from legacy relational database system to CDS

· Rewriting legacy data integration programs into Dynamics 365 compatible code (e.g., C# plugins, etc.)

· Design and implementation of CDS entities corresponding to legacy relational database tables/objects

· Reverse engineer screens from 4GL legacy application into Dynamics 365 UI workflows/screens

· Build out new automations and enhancements as defined by the business area into the Dynamics 365 environment

· Assist with UAT testing and data validation

· Create operational and production support documentation

· Collaborate with Clients staff and business users to architect and design new system

· Test code periodically to ensure it produces the desirable results and perform debugging when necessary

· Perform configurations to make Dynamics 365 environment and CDS more secure and efficient

· Provide knowledge transfer

Minimum Qualifications:

· Five (5) years’ experience in Dynamics 365 Developer/Programmer role

o A Master’s degree substitutes for three years of experience, or a Bachelor’s degree substitutes for two years, or an Associate’s degree substitutes for one year

· Two (2) engagements lasting more than six (6) months in Dynamics 365 Developer/Programmer role

Desired Skills:

· Proven experience as a programmer or relevant role with Dynamics 365

· Ability to program in languages such as SQL, C, C# and Java Script

· Experience migrating data from a relational database to CDS

· Experience extracting data logic from legacy code

· An analytical mindset and critical thinking

· Demonstrable ability to discover and fix errors in code

· Strong communication skills

· Ability to work independently and in team settings

Company Description:

 Enclipse is a global consulting and technology services company. Committed to delivering innovation, Enclipse collaborates with its clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. Enclipse continuously researches what it takes for businesses to succeed. We provide a nurturing environment for our highly-talented employees. We come up with ideas, concepts, innovations and inventions that revolutionize your business.