Senior Front-end Engineer

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Job Description:



Come build the software that will enable the next wave of DeFi innovations across crypto. We are building advanced interactive DeFi infrastructure and Web3 tools to enable real-time settlement and self-custody asset management for people and businesses worldwide.

We’re looking for a front-end software engineer deeply passionate about design, code quality, performance, scalability, and seamless end-to-end experiences. You must possess experience designing, writing and maintaining distributed systems with proper architecture and practices, and have a passion for quality engineering and coding best practices. 

You must have a natural, insatiable passion for the future of crypto and a world of finance powered by DeFi. Although not required for this position, we’ll consider a plus having working knowledge of developing Web3 Dapps. 

  • Design, plan, create and deploy secure, and scalable public-facing middleware Typescript SDKs for 3rd party developers and other applications and websites.
  • Manage reliability and performance for SDKs, Dapps, Web Applications and Websites with proper metrics, web vitals, animations, layout, theming and component patterns.
  • Use test-driven development CI/CD processes in a collaborative environment with multiple stakeholders and developers.

  • We expect a high proficiency level in the following technologies: React, Next.js, web3.js, Typescript, code linters (ESList, Prettier, etc.), client-side testing with Jest or similar libraries, CI/CD infra with Git, GitHub, Vercel, AWS and self-hosted environments. As mentioned before, although not absolutely required, working or experimental knowledge of Ethereum/EVMs, Solana and web3 SDKs and client development frameworks is a plus. 
  • You’ll be the perfect candidate if you are an opinionated expert web developer with extreme proficiency in the entire web stack, including layouts, routing, responsive design, and related technologies, and you have an excellent understanding of SEO principles and how to apply them to websites and applications.
  • You’ll be working in a 100% remote team setting. This means you must feel comfortable in fully remote environments and have a peaceful place to work consistently and continuously without interruptions. 
  • We are looking for people with field experience of previous implementations in client-side systems requiring multiple integration patterns that facilitate the composition of 3rd party frameworks and protocols. You must have an excellent understanding of REST APIs, web communication patterns, request handling and error handling on client applications across multiple platforms (browser, app, mobile) and multiple versions. Experience with cross-browser and cross-versioning compatibility issue handling is a must. 
  • We expect you to pair with other colleagues on a daily basis to transfer knowledge and experience gained, and be comfortable working on a team with members of varying levels of experience.


  • Attractive compensation package: salary + equity + bonus + benefits
  • Remote-friendly environment with a  possibility to work from any location, flexible hours and paid time off
  • Working in a disruptive and fast-growing industry where the possibilities are endless 
  • Freedom, autonomy and responsibility - no micromanaging, looking for proactive and independent individuals that achieve results
  • A true meritocracy, flat organizational structure with rapid upwards mobility based on performance

Company Description:

Individuals who thrive at Mean DAO have a relentless passion for building great products. They join the ranks of detail-oriented, multi-functional, and open-minded individuals. A highly collaborative bunch that believe in prototyping early and often, and never losing sight of the end-user and the end-product.

At Mean DAO everyone is part of a larger team where people work freely with our partners, product managers, and developers to create the absolute best digital products possible. Egos are replaced by simply the desire to find success together as a team.