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School Counselor

  • Ivy Prep Academy
  • Atlanta, GA, 30334

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Job Description:



The School Counselor helps develop, manage, and deliver  a comprehensive school counseling program for K-8 scholars, to consult with and assist teachers, parents, and staff to enhance their effectiveness in helping scholars; to protect the confidentiality of scholar records; and to provide appropriate support to educational and social emotional learning programs. Counselors also collaborate with the school leadership team to ensure the implementation of a successful program. 




Guidance Curriculum 
  • Plan a program of study that, as much as possible, meets the individual needs, interests, and abilities of scholars 

  • Assist all scholars, individually or in groups, with developing academic and personal/social skills, goals, and plans 

  • Assist scholars with high school placement and college and career exploration 

  • Provide information and/or support to parents as needed or requested 


Individual Planning 
  • Assist leadership team, teachers, and parents regarding the scholar’s educational needs 

  • Support new scholars to the school through orientation activities 

  • Participate in the intervention team process or school support team 


Responsive Services 
  • Provide individual and group counseling to scholars with identified concerns and needs 

  • Implement an effective counseling referral and follow-up process 

  • Accurately and appropriately use assessment procedures for determining and structuring individual and group counseling services 

  • Monitor scholar academic performance, behavior, and attendance and assists with appropriate interventions 

  • Consult with parents, staff members, and community agencies regarding strategies to help scholars  

  • Refer scholars and their families to special programs, specialists, and community agencies when appropriate 

  • Counsel and support scholars and their families facing emergency situations and make appropriate outside referrals 


System Support 
  • Plan and evaluate the counseling program 

  • Promote a positive working relationship with scholars, staff, and members of the community 

  • Develop and maintain a library of pertinent information available to scholars, parents, and staff 

  • Work with Department of Student Life & Leadership to coordinate scholar recognition programs, leadership activities, assemblies, parent workshops, and school-wide scholar events 






  • Must be able to effectively communicate with both public and school personnel; extensive communication (verbal and written) with scholars, staff and internal/external stakeholders is required 

  • Will be responsible for managing behavior of victims, witnesses, and others when handling or responding to incidents. Requires the use of sound judgment.  

  • Knowledge of SEL






  • Georgia Educators Certification required

  • Masters in School Counseling required

  • Minimum 2 years of school-based work experience required

  • Assessment Management experience preferred





Company Description:

Ivy Prep Academy has an established culture of achievement whereby academic success is vital, and the development of a girl’s individual potential is central. All Ivy Prep scholars receive a personalized education plan that guides their journey to success. They are taught by highly effective teachers who understand how girls learn best, and how to inspire each scholar to reach their potential. 


We go beyond math, science, and language arts. Our rigorous curriculum and after school activities expose scholars to a host of academic and social avenues, including coding, public speaking, foreign language, college-career readiness tours, physical education, music, dance, step, cheerleading and more.