On-Site Construction Foreman

  • Anchor Rock Services
  • Holland, MI, 49423
  • Full Time
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Job Description:

To be an Anchor Rock employee, you will be dependable, team-conscious, committed to customer service and excellence. You will read and write fluent English (Bilingual is always a plus), be able to read, understand and follow blueprints, have good communication skills and ability to work smart
with exceptional safety consciousness and clean work habits. Use safety gear appropriate to the situation, with good body mechanics, dexterity, balance and stamina and awareness of your surroundings. You will have your own reliable vehicle, drivers’ license and insurance, show up on time ready to work a 40-45 hour work week consistently with overtime as necessary (No late starts or early departures without prior approval), ability to transition between multiple job sites the same day and occasionally transport company equipment. You will have your own basic tools and drill kit is a must.

• You must be a skilled framer and finish carpenter, with three to five years in the field working as a foreman and excellent leadership, supervision and communication skills. Degree or certification from a recognized construction/engineering college, trade or vocational school or apprenticeship certification may be helpful but is not a substitute for experience
• Thorough understanding of the materials, processes and potential problems of every aspect of construction
• Ability to read and understand blueprints and accurately produce to specifications and drawings. Understand blueprints and specs well enough to spot potential issues, errors or omissions in the drawings and address the issues with upper management before executing what could be costly mistakes, rework or warranty problems before they become reality
• Ability to plan ahead and recognize immediately if substandard or incorrect materials have been delivered. Notify upline or move to resolve as directed.
• Five years in construction in progressively responsible positions and in both framing and finish construction. Residential and Commercial.
• Three to five years as crew leadership, foreman, or site supervisor

• A passion for excellence. Performing jobs with the highest possible quality, which is what we are known for. Safety always comes first. Quality and Excellence are extremely close seconds
• Service consciousness. We strive to both understand and anticipate the needs of the customer, to care about them, and to meet or exceed the customers’ expectations with every single job
• Ability to work with, problem solve and troubleshoot with upper management, project managers, vendors and subcontractors/trades, customers and crew
• Be able to manage crew scheduling, coordination, and shifting work crews to accommodate weather, delivery, or other issues. Provide general supervision reporting directly to project managers, the president, and vice president
• Have a passion for motivating, teaching/training and mentoring crew to increase/ improve skills and effectiveness. Excellent judgment, fairness, communication skills, problem-solving ability and ability to make crews work together seamlessly as teams
• Experience in problem resolution
• To produce and supervise the work on behalf of the project managers, and to immediately make upper management aware of when adjustments need to be made
• Willingness and ability to uphold company standards, safety, non-discrimination and anti-harassment on site

“We are looking for those who want to be part of something greater. At Anchor Rock Services you will find that what we do is hard work, and we work very hard, but there is purpose and meaning in what we do. It is more about answering the questions “Who are we?” and “Why are we doing this?” than about what we do. We don’t just want people who will show up for work; we want people who will show up for life! If you enjoy working with and being part of a team that encourages and helps each other out in work and all areas of life; if you are motivated, have a desire to learn, are willing to be corrected for the purpose of learning, growing and doing well—whether it’s at work or anywhere else—then fill out and send in your application today! We would love to meet and talk with you.”
Brian Banks, President

Company Description:

Anchor Rock Services, Inc. has been in business since 2015 and employs both full-time and part-time employees across a variety of business divisions.  At Anchor Rock Services, our vision is to help fulfill people's needs through service and provide a path to changed lives through the building of relationships, employees and customers alike.