Middle School Math Teacher

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  • Lansing, MI, 48933

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Job Description:

Required Skills: Must hold a valid teacher license in the subject and/or grade level in Michigan.

We are currently recruiting a Middle School Math Teacher to work with a major charter school system located in Lansing, MI, where you will have the opportunity to work in a challenging environment with the reward of impacting children's lives.

In this position, you will be part of an exciting team that is dedicated to making a difference in the students' lives. As you guide your students' growth, our leadership team will be there to guide your personal growth and success. The leadership team will be there to provide support and encouragement as you pursue a career in education.

Science teachers may also work with at-risk students within the general education population and in the general education classrooms in conjunction with the support they are providing to students with special needs.

 Teachers are considered regularly scheduled employees, and we look forward to their return in the following years.


Bachelor's and/or Master's Degree 

No sponsorship opportunities are available at this time

Equal Opportunity Employer.

Company Description:

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