Marketing Director

  • NativeCasinos JP
  • New York, NY, 10007

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Job Description: is looking for a real God of marketing!

Our requirements are comprised of the following,

  • experience of a year in a similar position (in the same or any other field of expertise);
  • being engaged in development and implementation of a comprehensive digital development strategy for the company to lead it to the higher level of success;
  • knowledge in the channel optimization based on analytics (which are to be comprised of SEO, targeting, e-mail, contextual advertising, SMM, and banner advertising);
  • management of modern digital channels, which can be related to the activities of the company;
  • scaling work with current CPA and CPL networks and search for new ones;
  • ability and knowledge on how to work with Google adwords.

In addition to this, we would highly appreciate your

  • perfect knowledge of other languages along with English, since is an international company;
  • ability to work with high risks (like forex and gambling);
  • ability to work with tools comprised of Power BI, Qlik view, tableau, and it will quite a significant advantage of yours

So, feel free to contact us and send your CV to succeed with the world-known company! Believe, your success is so close now!

Company Description:, a leading company providing iGaming solutions for the users from all over the world.

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All reviews by would serve their predominant function: to assist the users in the perfect choice of the casinos and strategies, which would enable the users to approach the best results in the best and the most credible gaming online platforms. So, it will make a great contribution to the development of anti-scam and anti-fraud procedures.

So, there is no other point in proving the credibility and truthfulness of Native Casinos JP, for it, since the members of this team are able to ruin all the boundaries and create the brand-new content, which would impress any reader. Thus, you now can know that we will give even much more than you expect!