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Legends Fellow

  • Equity Now, Inc.
  • Largo, MD, 20774

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Job Description:

Job Summary


Equity Now is currently recruiting for a Legends Fellow to join our team for the 2020 school year.


The role of the Legends Fellow is to support students in the classroom with a focus on attendance, behavior, culture, and academics. The LF works directly under the supervision of the Subject Expert Teacher and is developed by the Principal and Dean of Students. The LF supports lunch and recess duties.


Academic Support

  • Create, support and/or co-lead literacy and/or math-focused events to enrich school literacy and/or math culture and climate
  • Create, support and/or co-lead events or programs recognizing and appreciating growth and/or achievement in literacy and/or math
  • Promote a positive learning environment
  • Engagement & Positive School Climate Participation
  • Provide small group and one-to-one social-emotional skills development programs and attendance coaching to elementary, middle and high school youth
  • Support and/or conduct extended day programming through the facilitation of enriching activities for students before, during, and after school including, but not limited to, academic enrichment and intervention, homework support, recreation, service learning, and leadership development
  • Create, support and/or co-lead events or programs to recognize and appreciate significant growth and/or achievement in social-emotional development and positive behavior
  • Engage students as leaders to help plan and/or lead event elements
  • Participate in and/or lead Facilitated Data Review and Student Progress Monitoring meetings utilizing business intelligence tools
  • Facilitate coaching sessions for small groups of students on building social-emotional learning skills

Secondary Activities

  • Contributing to overall school performance by engaging parents, coordinating enrichment programs for students, serving as role models and helping to enhance school culture
  • Supporting and developing thematic events to engage community stakeholders
  • Supporting, creating and/or co-leading events or programs that recognize and appreciate significant growth and/or achievement in attendance
  • Welcoming students at the start of the school day
  • Supports lunch and recess duties
  • Placing calls to the homes of absent students
  • Providing homework assistance to a consistent group of students before and after school



Must successfully demonstrate the following competencies:

  • teamwork,
  • relatable,
  • organized,
  • communication.

Education: Completion of a standard high school diploma or GED; some college preferred.

Experience:Computer Skills: Microsoft Office proficiency required.

Certification Requirements: n/a


Company Description:

Equity Now, Inc. is an organization founded to expedite change.  

Equity Now's efforts are focused on discovering, planning and implementing innovative solutions for pathways of building equity in the community. 

Our efforts are strategically focused on the growing number of families fighting for economic and educational equity.

There is a growing recognition of the importance of equity to economic development and upward mobility. High-quality education improves long-term academic and economic outcomes for children and communities. Therefore, Equity Now is committed to nurturing the full capacity of communities, helping them achieve their full economic and academic potential.