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Job Description:

Job Summary


We are currently seeking an Elementary School Principal to lead the outstanding Faculty and Staff of Legends Charter School starting in the 2020 school year.


Legends Charter School needs an inspiring leader who:

  • Is passionate about student achievement and closing the achievement gap.
  • Believes that the urgency of closing this gap is too great to accept excuses of any kind.
  • Motivates and supports their teachers and staff while holding all adults in the building accountable for guaranteeing student success.
  • Is able to work well in a rapidly changing and developing environment.
  • Who will thrive in the ambiguity of starting up a new school.   


The school principal is primarily responsible for all activities involving students and faculty at Legends Charter School, successful implementation of Legends Charter School curriculum and the academic success of all students. Selection criteria for the Legends Charter School Principal include a successful demonstration of the following competencies aligned with our Leadership Framework.



School Culture:

  • Creates a positive, student-centered environment that believes in the possibility, promise, and potential in every student (no excuses for why children cannot achieve).
  • Can speak to this promise down to the classroom level (teacher, specific subgroups, resources needed for special education, ESL, etc.) and by ensuring that all students meet high academic and behavioral expectations.
  • Develops, articulates, and implements a vision of learning that is shared and supported by the school community.
  • Possesses the ability to inspire and motivate students and adults on the vision.



  • Demonstrates knowledge of how to use instruction to reach student achievement goals.
  • Able to identify and describe effective instructional practices and how to provide feedback, coaching and professional development to teachers to improve the quality of instruction throughout the school.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of educational theory and practices, including a focus on standards-based instruction.



  • Creates school-level policies, procedures, and structures to operate a school effectively and efficiently.
  • Maximizes resources (physical, technological, financial, time and human) to reach goals.



  • Has an ability to objectively manage employee performance and growth through feedback and coaching.
  • Holds adults accountable for student success.
  • Ensures effective professional development and growth opportunities for all employees.
  • Demonstrates an effective approach to team-building, including clarity of purpose, and shared responsibility.
  • Builds effective relationships with staff members to move everyone towards school goals, and varying leadership approaches (when needed).
  • Values, solicits, and integrates different perspectives effectively.


Family & Community:

  • Interacts and communicates effectively with multiple audiences, including staff, parents, students, and community members.
  • Demonstrates commitment to an understanding of how to engage family and community members in the development of and work towards the school’s goals.


Personal Leadership:

  • Articulates short and long-term goals with each problem and to address school-wide issues/plans.
  • Identifies problems, organizes people and resources appropriately to make decisions and action plans. 
  • Utilizes multiple sources of data to inform decision-making.
  • Exhibits relentless focus on student achievement in the face of challenges and obstacles.
  • Anticipates and plans for challenges and potential obstacles; when faced with a challenge/obstacle, makes changes to achieve goals.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the realities of and difficulties leading in urban schools.
  • Demonstrates self-awareness, ability to articulate own strengths and growth areas.
  • Models continuous learning and openness to feedback and improving their own performance.


Job Responsibilities

  • Developing, articulating and implementing a vision of learning that is shared and supported by the school community;
  • Provide instructional leadership for the alignment of curriculum, instruction and assessment through the purposeful observation and evaluation of teachers;
  • Develop an approach to improve and maintain a positive culture for learning that capitalizes on multiple aspects of cultural diversity to meet the needs of all students and staff;
  • Building professional learning communities to nurture and sustain a school culture and instructional program conducive to accelerated student achievement;
  • Exercise initiative, tact and good judgment in dealing with others;
  • Create, maintain, and monitor a monthly meeting calendar that allows for faculty and staff collaboration and a school culture focused on rigor and learning for all students;
  • Ensuring efficient management of school operations and resources for a safe and effective learning environment;
  • Collaborating with families and community members and is capable of responding to diverse community interests by mobilizing community resources;
  • Seek and engage in professional activities that foster leadership development; build the capacity of the Assistant Principal and other aspiring leaders;
  • Fostering innovative thinkers who can help achieve the vision and mission of the Prince George's County Public Schools;
  • Demonstrate integrity, fairness, mutual respect, and high ethical standards; Work cooperatively and interact positively with students, staff and community exercising courtesy and discretion; serve as a role model for staff and students; and
  • Comply with all Board of Education Policies, Administrative Procedures and operating procedures.


Job Skills & Qualifications



  • Doctorate preferred;
  • Master's degree in Supervision and Administration or Curriculum and Instruction required;
  • Previous successful experience as a School-based Administrator, (or other comparable leadership experience). Comparable leadership experience includes but is not limited to: school Dean, or Assistant Principal equivalent position; district or central office level Supervisor, Director or Manager.
  • Holds or is eligible for a Maryland Advanced Professional Certificate, Administrator II Certification,
  • Ability to work with diverse populations;
  • Knowledge of school organization, goals and objectives, curriculum, teaching techniques, current trends, research, and materials of instruction in field of specialization;
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of the teaching and learning process;
  • Ability to provide instruction that reflects multiple perspectives and multicultural education;
  • Ability to infuse technology into curriculum;
  • Ability to work effectively with students, parents, administrators, colleagues, community, and other school system staff; and
  • Excellent oral and communication skills.


The Maryland Public Charter School Act of 2015 defines employees of a public charter school as public-school employees of the local school district in which the charter school is located.  All charter school educational employees are subject to the terms of the negotiated agreements and shall receive the same rights and protections afforded educational staff employees in the traditional schools of the Prince George’s County School System (PGCPS). All qualified applicants must apply through the PGCPS iRecruitment Website

Company Description:

Legends Charter School Mission 

In partnership with students, parents and Prince George’s County community, Legends Charter School will provide an advanced liberal arts college preparatory education, incorporating financial education and supplemented with Blended Learning to personalize scholars learning experience and establish robust financial portfolios.

The innovative Legends School Model consists of: 

- A rigorous, well-rounded advanced liberal-arts college preparatory curriculum including courses not traditionally offered at Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS), 

- Core courses taught by content specialist K-8, supplemented with blended learning.  Starting at kindergarten, the Legends School Model has four core instructors, Subject Expert Teachers, for the advanced liberal arts courses that include math, science, reading and humanities (social studies/ELA). This approach allows teachers to focus on and master their core subject with a higher level of expertise and deeper understanding. 

- Two-adults in each classroom for K-5.  Legends Charter School students will be supported by having two adults - a state-certified Subject Expert Teacher and a Legends Fellow from kindergarten through 5th grade.

- Incorporation of Financial Literacy Education curriculum starting in Kindergarten with an opportunity to create stock portfolios.  This unique financial education offers Legends Financial Literacy Curriculum, Legends Circle of Investing Enrichment and Legends Virtual Stock Simulation Enrichment.

- Unique Professional Development.  Professional Development at Legends is designed to support, develop and retain our talent, to prevent burnout and increase success and satisfaction – allowing us to best serve our students. 

Positive School Culture

At Legends, we are building a positive school culture from the ground up, starting with our facility.  Our school will be designed incorporating the WELL Building Standard, that will create healthy learning environments and improve the wellness and well-being of its students, faculties and supporting staff members.

The Legends School Model promotes a positive school culture that includes high expectations for both our staff and our students, positive teacher-student interactions, where our students feel safe, connected and engaged, and a high parent involvement strategy.