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Job Description:
Job Summary

Organization with offices statewide looking for a recruiter to help identify new talent for our workforce. As our employees are our #1 resource, we recognize the importance of this position and are prepared to value the skills you bring to it. You will serve as our first point of contact with potential employees, making you the veritable face of our company to those just being introduced to who we are. This position will involve a good deal of research into identifying potential job candidate pools as well as traveling to different locations inside and outside of the state to introduce our organization to up-and-coming as well as established professionals. If you're looking to play a big part in the growth of a successful organization, this is the job for you.

Job Responsibilities
  • Serve as our representative to prospective applicants whose skills and talents we've identified as being able to add value to our organization.
  • Work in conjunction with other members of our Human Resources staff to search for potential employees on job sites, establish relationships with job placement program personnel at local colleges and universities, and screen resumes submitted by parties interested in affiliating themselves with us.
  • Contact potential applicants via phone or email, and arrange to meet with them in-person to provide more information on our company and the role that we envision them fulfilling.
  • Travel to national, regional, and local job fairs and expositions as well as technical conferences to present our company to attendees.
  • Arrange interview times with applicants and, if needed, work with our finance department to secure the funds needed to cover a prospective hire's travel, lodging and amenity costs during the interview process.
  • Identify our most successful recruitment methods and work with our Human Resources manager to ensure adequate resources are available to support them.
Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Bachelors Degree
  • Past experience in administrative support, analytics and/or interviewing job candidates
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Flexibility
  • BS/BA in Business Administration and Theory, Human Resources, Sociology or a related field
  • Past experience in recruitment and hiring

Company Description:

Who We Are
Active Cyber is a cloud consulting company. We are a certified reseller and preferred OKTA and Sailpoint professional service partner, specializing in implementing cloud-based identity and access management solutions. We maintain the highest quality standards while specializing cloud consulting. We think ourselves as a leadership incubator developing exceptional talent who will someday start their own organizations or lead existing organizations as CEOs. We are actively recruiting top-notch talent from all backgrounds to meet our growing needs.