Full Stack Software Engineer

  • Sagetap
  • San Francisco, CA, 94102
  • Full Time
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Experienced

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Job Description:

The Role

Sagetap is building a marketplace of highly-qualified enterprise technology practitioners with expertise in DevOps, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, or Data Management. Our experts make themselves available to connect with industry professionals and share their unbiased perspectives on the latest technologies and trends. 

Job Description

As Sagetap’s technical lead, you will be responsible for building the services and interfaces that power the marketplace that our clients and experts rely on to interact with each other. This involves building a database that interacts with various webforms, API’s to interact with 3rd party services, and front-end that is visually pleasing and communicates with the back-end, and more. This role will allow you to own and drive the product in design, development and maintenance of our services. As an ideal candidate, you will drive to raise the bar for yourself, your team, and the company every day. 

Joining at this formative stage, you’ll have the unique opportunity to help bring to market a broad range of projects and deliverables for a variety of audiences. You will become an expert across all clients and advocate for the highest quality standards in any release. You will also offer input in how product functionality can be improved and are excited by the prospect of rapid company and career growth.


What you’ll be doing

• Develop and maintain database, API’s interacting with 3rd services, front-end workflow and more

• Work closely with leadership to build beautiful and intuitive interface and workflow


What you'll bring

• 5+ years of experience as a Full-Stack Developer

• Strong familiarity with AWS

• Point us to your github projects you are most proud of!

Company Description:

Sagetap is an Expert Network, hyper-focused on enterprise cloud software, that connects clients with Fortune 1000 technology practitioners over 60-min phone consultations for knowledge-exchange. Sagetap is helping leading Technology Vendors perfect their Go-to-Market and keep a constant pulse on competition by speaking with unbiased practitioners who live and breathe those technologies everyday.