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Facility Operations/Digital Content Manager

  • Diamond Heroes Baseball
  • Fairfax, VA, 22031
  • Part Time
  • Any level
  • Entry Level

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Job Description:

The Digital Content Manager will be responsible for managing Diamond Heroes’ social media and web presence, as well as conducting marketing via social media and email. The DCM will also assist with facilities operations, including athlete analytics. Candidates should have strong writing skills, in addition to being willing to train with the current manager in using our scheduling and analytics software. This employee will work at our facility in Merrifield, VA, and can also work remotely depending on schedule.



  • Experience with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Basic copywriting; experience with Mailchimp and/or WordPress
  • Client management, customer service, and/or admin assistant experience
  • Knowledge of Google Drive; Google Analytics, Business, and Search Console a plus
  • Can commit to working 10-15 hours/week

Company Description:

Diamond Heroes is Northern Virginia’s premier facility for indoor baseball and softball training. Our programs focus on player development through a process that involves highly capable coaches with innovative tech such as HitTrax, Motus, and Blast at their disposal. Our training model uses a test/retest model to generate player growth and encourages athletes to love the game.