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Job Description:

Our Ideal Teammate
The ideal ADL teammate gets fired up about applying technology to make the world more sustainable, and believes that leveraging the power of entrepreneurship for this mission can change the world. While we work across legacy-sector industries, our work tends to be concentrated in energy (utilities, distributed energy), buildings (building materials, advanced construction, prefab/offsite), transportation (EVs, public transit), and the intersection of the three (smart cities, grid-interactive buildings, advanced sensors). Folks with a passion for new business models and accelerating the commercialization of novel concepts in energy and buildings will do particularly well at ADL, especially those with a practical background in relevant ADL industries and/or significant start-up exposure.

While we love working with folks who take a structured approach to problem-solving - we have  traditional consulting experience ourselves - ADL’s teammates tend to feel constrained by a traditional consulting environment. We have a bias towards action. We don’t just want to create a plan on paper for something like new market entry (though we do that exceptionally well); we want to actually help launch new lines of business and new companies. We don’t just want to run an open innovation challenge; we want to structure the agreements that are likely to break down the traditional barriers between legacy companies and scrappy innovators.

We highly value diversity, equity, and inclusion as vital parts of our company DNA. Our vision is to continue building an organization that provides the opportunity to utilize all relevant perspectives and experiences. ADL is not a  traditional consulting firm. We are a team of entrepreneurs that constantly seek opportunities to build stronger bridges between legacy-sector clients and startup stakeholders to help critical sectors modernize.

Expectations of an ADL Engagement Manager or Principal - Utilities and transportation
An ADL Engagement Manager or Principal, typically with 6-10 years of experience, is expected to lead projects in energy, buildings or transportation. A rich understanding of the current  state, language, trends, regulations, and leading-edge technology solutions in these spaces will help you better ideate and craft solutions for our clients and work towards launching new lines of business that fit a defined market niche.

While consulting experience is not necessary, experience leading projects with an internal team of 3-5 people (including associates as direct reports and Partners offering strategic direction and client management leadership) is important, even critical. ADL projects are fast-paced and require consistent progress on multiple investigative fronts in the face of shifting client priorities and needs.

An ADL Engagement Manager or Principal in Utilities and Transportation has an entrepreneur’s knack for novel business model design, scenario planning, piloting/experimentation, and digitization - but is simultaneously able to apply sustained focus to create client-ready reports and slide decks on short notice.


Ideal candidates will have the following characteristics:

  • A dedicated commitment to asking the right questions as opposed to finding the right answers
  • Self-starter who is highly motivated and responsive, and thrives under limited guidance in uncertain situations
  • Passion for enacting innovation and positive societal change in the energy, building and transportation sectors
  • A strong and polished writing/communication style with an advanced command of the English language
  • A strong curiosity for and natural inclination toward energy technology commercialization in challenging settings, ideally demonstrated through past activities and employment
  • Business case or consulting experience either through work or academic curriculum
  • Strong balance of interpersonal skills with the ability to carefully research and synthesize findings with a high degree of organization
  • Substantive community and extracurricular participation, including working effectively in challenging and diverse group / team settings
  • Undergraduate degree
If this sounds like you, we’d love to meet you!


ADL teammates are currently in Boston, Silicon Valley, Washington DC, and Denver. We are open to remote hires as well as to hires in those regions.

Company Description:

ADL Ventures is a group of entrepreneurs / technology commercialization experts focused on developing and deploying new clean energy technologies  and services in collaboration with major infrastructure players. Sectors of focus include building technologies, power / utilities innovation, and smart cities / transportation. Major clients include leading companies in sectors such as building materials, chemicals, and energy such as PG&E and Sto Corp, as well as high-growth venture-backed companies.  ADL is also a key technology scaling partner of the US Department of Energy, helping lead programs such as the Advanced Building Construction Collaborative and the American Made Challenges.

ADL Ventures is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages people from diverse backgrounds to apply.

More about ADL:

  • Our website: www.adlventures.com
  • ProblemSpace open innovation challenges: www.problemspace.io 
  • Manufacturing Hub: www.manufacturinghub.io
  • DOE Advanced Building Construction Collaborative: https://www.energy.gov/eere/buildings/abc-collaborative