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Dean of Students

  • Legends Charter School
  • Largo, MD, 20774

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Job Description:

If you have a passion for inspiring young minds, we are looking for you!


Legends Charter School is currently recruiting for a Dean of Students to join our outstanding staff for the 2020 school year.


The Dean of Students is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, and supportive environment culture that synthesizes the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of Legends Charter School students to maintain a strong, positive, and achievement-oriented school culture. Supervises the character development program and ensures that it systematically builds and reinforces the character/strengths/values and self-identity students need to be happy and successful.

The Dean plans and leads training focused on classroom management, parent involvement, and school culture. Focuses on students with behavior or development challenges – partners with teachers to provide extra interventions; performs other duties. Works in close collaboration with Legends Fellows, and Social Worker.


The ideal candidate believes in collaboration with other colleagues and promotes understanding and communication in a diverse learning and cultural environment. You must have a solid understanding of Restorative Justice programming and have experience closing the achievement gap. Finally, you are someone who incorporates technology and hands-on learning experiences in the classroom with enthusiasm.


Job Responsibilities

  • Supervises the restorative justice program to ensure that it systematically builds and reinforces the character strengths/attitudes/values and self-identity students need to be happy and successful.
  • Conducts walkthroughs to ensure high visibility by circulating throughout classrooms and public spaces during the day to gain valuable context on scholar behavior and relentlessly ensuring a positive school environment.
  • Ensures that school entry, breakfast, lunch, dismissal, and transitions are orderly, positive, and consistent with Legends mission and values.
  • Plans and leads training focused on classroom management, parent involvement, and school culture.
  • Ensures that the school's beliefs and values are pervasive and that students understand and internalize them.
  • Leads recognition and celebration events and other school-wide culture-building activities.
  • Focuses on students with behavior or development challenges; partners with teachers to provide extra interventions.
  • Builds and maintains school culture systems.
  • Supports Legends restorative culture which maintains a professional atmosphere where students and staff are treated with respect.
  • Monitors student attendance, making follow-through calls to families and providing attendance interventions
  • Invests in building positive relationships between Legends and our parent community.
  • Develop and mobilize resources for active parent-community involvement to improve student learning.
  • Works with all teachers to ensure that they communicate regularly with parents.


Job Skills & Qualifications



  • Master's degree from an accredited college or university, with an emphasis in supervision, educational administration, elementary/secondary school curriculum;
  • Five (5) years of teaching experience;
  • Holds or is eligible for a Maryland Advanced Professional Certificate, Administrator I Certification;
  • Ability to work with diverse populations;
  • Experience in planning and conducting in-service activities.

· Strong instructional, classroom management and discipline skills;

· Proven track record of meeting extremely high standards for student achievement;

· Extensive knowledge of the school system's instructional and supervision practices and trends;

· Experience in collaborative planning and providing professional development;

· Ability to plan, organize, and coordinate the budgetary, scheduling, and operational support programs;

· Excellent interpersonal/human relations skills; and

· Demonstrated excellent oral and written communication skills.



  • Experience in with Social Emotional Learning Programming
  • Experience as a Dean of Students


The Maryland Public Charter School Act of 2015 defines employees of a public charter school as public-school employees of the local school district in which the charter school is located. All charter school educational employees are subject to the terms of the negotiated agreements and shall receive the same rights and protections afforded educational staff employees in the traditional schools of the Prince George’s County School System (PGCPS). All qualified applicants must apply through the PGCPS iRecruitment Website

Company Description:

Legends Charter School Mission 

In partnership with students, parents and Prince George’s County community, Legends Charter School will provide an advanced liberal arts college preparatory education, incorporating financial education and supplemented with Blended Learning to personalize scholars learning experience and establish robust financial portfolios.

The innovative Legends School Model consists of: 

- A rigorous, well-rounded advanced liberal-arts college preparatory curriculum including courses not traditionally offered at Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS), 

- Core courses taught by content specialist K-8, supplemented with blended learning.  Starting at kindergarten, the Legends School Model has four core instructors, Subject Expert Teachers, for the advanced liberal arts courses that include math, science, reading and humanities (social studies/ELA). This approach allows teachers to focus on and master their core subject with a higher level of expertise and deeper understanding. 

- Two-adults in each classroom for K-5.  Legends Charter School students will be supported by having two adults - a state-certified Subject Expert Teacher and a Legends Fellow from kindergarten through 5th grade.

- Incorporation of Financial Literacy Education curriculum starting in Kindergarten with an opportunity to create stock portfolios.  This unique financial education offers Legends Financial Literacy Curriculum, Legends Circle of Investing Enrichment and Legends Virtual Stock Simulation Enrichment.

- Unique Professional Development.  Professional Development at Legends is designed to support, develop and retain our talent, to prevent burnout and increase success and satisfaction – allowing us to best serve our students. 

Positive School Culture

At Legends, we are building a positive school culture from the ground up, starting with our facility.  Our school will be designed incorporating the WELL Building Standard, that will create healthy learning environments and improve the wellness and well-being of its students, faculties and supporting staff members.

The Legends School Model promotes a positive school culture that includes high expectations for both our staff and our students, positive teacher-student interactions, where our students feel safe, connected and engaged, and a high parent involvement strategy.