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  • Sagetap
  • San Francisco, CA, 94102
  • Full Time
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Entry Level

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Job Description:

Client Associate Job Description

The Role

Sagetap is an exclusive network of highly-qualified enterprise technology practitioners with expertise in DevOps, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, or Data Management. Our experts make themselves available to connect with industry professionals and share their unbiased perspectives on the latest technologies and trends. 

As a Client Associate, you’ll be the driving force connecting our clients and our experts for knowledge-exchange. Your role is to understand our clients’ goals & requirements and quickly identify experts with the specific knowledge that can address them. You will need to be a critical thinker, capable of quickly understanding complex client requirements and communicating those requirements to Sagetap experts to ensure a high quality experience for both parties across EVERY interaction. You’ll spend considerable time on phone and email reaching out to people and assessing whether they possess the knowledge our clients seek, and you’ll connect qualified experts with our clients. 

By working on multiple projects at once, you’ll quickly develop effective project, client, communication, and time management skills. Furthermore, you’ll quickly become highly knowledgeable around emerging enterprise cloud trends and technologies, making yourself qualified for a career in enterprise software sales. This is a competitive role with a clear focus on results and revenue generation, and Client Associates who succeed at Sagetap will quickly get promoted and grow within the company.

Company Description:

Sagetap is an Expert Network, hyper-focused on enterprise cloud software, that connects clients with Fortune 1000 technology practitioners over 60-min phone consultations for knowledge-exchange. Sagetap is helping leading Technology Vendors perfect their Go-to-Market and keep a constant pulse on competition by speaking with unbiased practitioners who live and breathe those technologies everyday.