Chef (Izakaya)

  • Japan Village
  • Sunset Park, NY, 11232
  • Full Time
  • Any level
  • Experienced

Salary Range: $200.00 - $250.00 per day

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Job Description:

WakuWaku @ Japan Village in Brooklyn is a serene escape offering the warmth of a traditional Japanese izakaya. Specializing in classic Japanese comfort foods and a diverse selection of enjoyable beverages, our establishment is part of the vibrant Japan Village community, known for its fast-paced, engaging, and fun environment.

Join our dynamic culinary team at WakuWaku @ Japan Village as a skilled and passionate Chef. This position presents an exciting opportunity to lead our culinary efforts, showcasing your expertise and contributing to the success of our restaurant. We provide on-the-job training in a lively atmosphere, complete with food and a supportive work environment.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead the preparation of a variety of dishes according to established recipes and quality standards.
  • Collaborate with the kitchen team to ensure timely and efficient food production.
  • Oversee inventory management to maintain accurate stock levels and minimize waste.
  • Maintain a clean and organized workstation, adhering to sanitation guidelines.
  • Collaborate with the yakitori section for smooth operation.
  • Provide support for minor prep work at Sushi Uesugi, as required.

Casual dining restaurant

If you are a dedicated chef with a passion for Japanese cuisine and a minimum of 4 years of experience, we invite you to lead our culinary team and contribute to creating exceptional dining experiences for our valued customers. Apply now for a full-time Chef position with WakuWaku @ Japan Village.

ブルックリンにあるWakuWaku @ Japan Villageは、伝統的な日本の居酒屋の温かさを提供する落ち着いた隠れ家です。伝統的な日本料理と多彩で楽しいドリンクセレクションを専門とする当店は、活気あるジャパンビレッジコミュニティの一部であり、テンポが速く、魅力的で楽しい環境で知られています。



  • 確立されたレシピと品質基準に従って、様々な料理の調理をリードする。
  • キッチンチームと協力し、タイムリーで効率的な調理を行う。
  • 在庫管理を監督し、正確な在庫レベルを維持し、無駄を最小限に抑える。
  • 清潔で整理整頓されたワークステーションを維持し、衛生ガイドラインを遵守する。
  • 焼き鳥セクションと協力し、スムーズなオペレーションを行う。
  • 必要に応じて、上杉寿司の下ごしらえをサポートする。




  • Minimum of 4 years of experience in food preparation and inventory management.
  • Strong organizational skills with effective inventory management capabilities.
  • In-depth knowledge of food safety and sanitation regulations.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills, fostering teamwork.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment.
  • Flexibility to work 34-35 hours per week, including weekends and evenings.
  • Passion for Japanese cuisine and a continuous desire to learn new techniques.
  • Reliably commute or planning to relocate to Brooklyn before starting work.

Experience Level:
4 years and up (Required)

8-hour shift
Day shift
Evening shift

Weekly Day Range:
Wednesday to Sunday
Weekend availability: Required.


  • 効果的な在庫管理能力を有する組織能力の高い方
  • 食品安全および衛生規則に関する深い知識。
  • 優れたコミュニケーション能力とリーダーシップがあり、チームワークを育むことができる。
  • ハイペースでプレッシャーのかかる環境で活躍できる方。
  • 週末や夜間を含め、週34~35時間勤務できる柔軟性。
  • 日本料理への情熱と新しい技術を学び続ける意欲。
  • 確実にブルックリンに通勤できる方、または勤務開始前にブルックリンへの転居を予定している方。



週末勤務可能な方 必須

Opportunities for growth and advancement within our organization.
Food provided
Employee/Family Discount


Company Description:

Join Japan Village and become a vital part of an authentic cultural experience in the heart of NYC. As a team member, you'll contribute to preserving and sharing Japanese traditions through captivating events, workshops, and culinary delights. We pride ourselves on fostering a warm and inclusive community where diversity and creativity thrive. Work with us to create meaningful connections, explore the beauty of Japanese culture, and be part of an exciting venture that celebrates heritage in a dynamic and vibrant setting. Elevate your career at Japan Village, where passion meets purpose!