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Before and After Care Program Director

  • Equity Now, Inc.
  • Largo, MD, 20774
  • Full Time
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Manager

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Job Description:

The below statements are intended to describe the general nature and scope of work being performed by this position. This is not a complete listing of all responsibilities, duties, and/or skills required. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Acts as the primary point of contact for before and afterschool programming at Legends Charter School.
  • Encourages close partnerships between school-based teachers and the afterschool program to increase alignment of learning opportunities provided through the afterschool Academic Power Hour.
  • Collects student attendance on a daily basis and provides documentation to the proper parties
  • Manages student transitions during afterschool programming.
  • Maintains daily communication with parents at the site.
  • May be responsible for administering snack/supper (may require taking initial food handler training).
  • Enforces the pick-up policy and remains at the site until all students are picked up.
  • Establishes and maintains regular meetings with the principal and other local staff, and participates in Legends staff meetings as requested by the principal.
  • Establishes and maintains regular meetings with all partners to address issues and challenges, build team mentality, and provide peer to peer learning.
  • Develops relationships with neighborhood-based organizations (NBOs) not located at the school that are attended by a significant number of the school’s students to communicate about student needs, collect attendance data, and ensure coordination of services.
  • Ensures mutually respectful occupancy of afterschool staff, providers, and activities facilitated by both groups.
  • Clarifies roles, responsibilities, and expectations among providers and Legends staff.
  • Ensures that adequate individual space and utilization of shared space are allotted to all programs in the building through the space request process.
  • Supports Legends evaluation plan and program monitoring activities by implementing tools, surveys, and data collection activities as required.
  • Completes reports and responds to internal/external project-related inquiries as required.


Qualifications: Must successfully demonstrate the following competencies: organized, detail-oriented, conflict resolution, communication, accountable, and judgment. Education: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree required; master’s degree preferred. Three (3) years of satisfactory experience or two (2) years of related experience. Familiarity with youth enrichment and development needs and resources. Knowledge of public-school environment preferred. Experience coordinating site initiatives in sometimes ambiguous environments.

Company Description:

Equity Now, Inc. is an organization founded to expedite change.  

Equity Now's efforts are focused on discovering, planning and implementing innovative solutions for pathways of building equity in the community. 

Our efforts are strategically focused on the growing number of families fighting for economic and educational equity.

There is a growing recognition of the importance of equity to economic development and upward mobility. High-quality education improves long-term academic and economic outcomes for children and communities. Therefore, Equity Now is committed to nurturing the full capacity of communities, helping them achieve their full economic and academic potential.