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Job Description:

Summary of Position:
Our company is changing the childcare industry by shifting the model from childcare to family care. As the first ever
facility to house accredited daycares/preschools, co-working spaces and fitness spaces under the same roof, our company makes life easier and more enjoyable. It’s a new routine for families that allows them to optimize those
priceless moments with their new families.

Founded by moms, who struggled to find adequate childcare and working spaces, our company is working to
improve families’ ways of life while providing childcare providers with the salaries and benefits they deserve. There is a
childcare crisis in the United States. With our company, you will be on the forefront of creating a solution.

We are looking for someone with experience, but we are willing to train the right person. Loving kids is a must for this
position! This position will work directly for the Child Development Director. The role includes daily interactions (in a COVID
safe environment) with parents for pickup and drop off, checking children in and out and bringing them in and out of the
childcare, as well as assisting with childcare duties as needed and as listed below. This role is also the key role heading up the
hiring, training and onboarding of our new employees. We will need direct input from the Assistant Director to put together a
training program for new hires and to provide them with the knowledge base and ongoing support needed to grow in the
role. The hours for this position are primarily 10am-6pm, Monday through Friday.

Our goal is to positively enhance our community of families the second they walk through our doors. We
are looking for a loving, nurturing and compassionate person who has a deep interest in enriching the lives of our next
generation during their critically important first five years of life.  It is important that this candidate thinks about the role as both customer service based and administrative.

Minimum Job Qualifications:
●Associates Degree or higher or degree in progress
●Two + years of experience in a general administrative role or office management
●Demonstrate initiative, is conscientious and provides complete follow-through on areas of responsibility
●Ability to proactively manage and organize a team schedule and ensure classroom coverage is adequate at all times.
●Successful completion of all State Required Health and Background screenings
●Working knowledge of personal computers with experience in the use of Word, Excel and Outlook
●Ability to demonstrate flexibility on the job
●Other duties as assigned

Full time employees qualify for benefits including:
●50% of health and dental, vision coverage (Employee only)
●Retirement plan
●Discretionary performance based bonuses
●Access to childcare for your own children
●96 hours of Paid Time Off a year
●13 paid holidays plus early release days for professional development
●Company reimbursement for approved educational expenses and professional development up to $5260/year
●Unlimited use of co-working and fitness space

●Remote work scheduled time to be coordinated with the Director and GM

Essential Job Functions:
The responsibilities of this position will include, but will not be limited to the following:
●Work directly with our HR Generalist, General Manager and Director to run point in the hiring and onboarding of all
new employees. Direct supervisor is the Director.
●Attend remote scheduled weekly membership meetings between the team (GM, Director, AD) and COO and CEO
●Work with the Director and COO or HR manager to confirm payroll hours weekly prior to pay days. Note that this
aspect of the job is confidential and salaries or position details must not be shared outside the leadership team.
●Scheduling all employees and ensuring that adequate coverage is met in the classrooms at all times.
●Assume the role of deputy director when the director is not present at the Club. This means being able to provide
leadership, direction and mentorship to group teachers and childcare assistants, in line with the direction of program
●Keeping staff up to date with day to day routines, organizational changes, strategic goals, special events, and
professional development.
●Onboarding, training and support of teachers. Ensure all staff required paperwork and procedures are completed on
●Act as a point person for standard operating procedures by answering questions and pointing employees in the right
direction as it relates to procedure or policy questions.
●Implement corrective actions when acting as deputy director ensuring employees are following company protocol.
●Stand in for teacher bathroom breaks, and generally assist a teacher in their classroom if they need it.
●Assisting teachers can include tasks such as helping with nap times or child potty breaks etc.
●Answering phone inquiries, taking messages, answering parent messages as applicable.
●Helping to allow for delivery of daily or weekly childcare projects.
●Keeping track of and ordering inventory for the daycare alongside the general manager.
●Taking care of mid-day child pickups/drop offs.
●Arriving at site for opening or closing shift to complete check-ins.
●Providing support to childcare staff when needed throughout the day.
●Organizing and keeping up to date all employee and family paperwork.
●Ensure that all meals and breaks for staff are done in a timely manner and are minimally disruptive to daily routines.
●Assist with new parent “onboarding” or introductions to our establishment and answer their questions about us, our
childcare and our operations, and our upstairs offerings for parents (workplace and fitness).
●Ensure all family required paperwork is submitted on time prior to starting.
●Assist with our internal scheduling application for parents.

Interactions with Children
●Communicate with children in a positive manner helping to bolster their confidence
●Treat each child with dignity and respect, helping to boost their confidence as they learn to navigate into their ever
expanding world
●Be approachable and engaging with children

Interactions with Parents
●Establish regular communication with parents
●Always remember that a parent’s day likely started well before they arrive at our doorstep, patience and grace are
key ingredients to trusting relationships within our community
●Partner with parents to create an easy transition into the program
●Create an environment that embraces open communication with families
●Manage community engagement efforts with the General Manager including community bulletin board and information sharing.

Interactions with Staff
●Be the manager on duty when the Director is not present and make management decisions or provide staff
feedback as appropriate during this time as needed. Be prepared to answer staff questions about policies and
procedures or specific parent questions.
●Attend and participate in all staff meetings
●Attend In-Service training and workshops if applies
●Be courteous and respectful of peers
●Respond accordingly to childcare needs from Head Teachers
●Direct issues to the appropriate persons in a timely manner
●Ensure discretion when speaking with members of the team as it relates to confidential, privileged or sensitive
information including anything related to compensation, health, or other pieces of information.

Physical Requirements
●Able to observe and respond to children’s needs, emergencies and/or conflicts that might occur during the day.
●Able to supervise children outside being out in the sun, snow and changing temperatures.
●Able to lift up to 40 pounds from the floor to waist high table.
●Able to push a cart/buggy/stroller weighing up to 100 pounds for up to 3 miles.
●Able to walk or run as the job dictates
●Able to kneel down to children eye level
●Able to sit on the floor to work with children
●Able to react to a child that is up to 30 feet away within 30 seconds
●Able to carry a child up to 40 pounds, up to 100 feet
●Extremely patient and able to deal effectively with the stress involved in working daily with children, staff and

Employee Conduct:
It is the responsibility of every employee to contribute to a positive work environment through cooperation and professional
interactions with co-workers, customers and vendors. Our business has a zero-tolerance policy for any negative actions or
interactions which involve racist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise offensive behaviors. This is an equal opportunity
environment in which all sentient beings are treated with equal respect and love by all who enter our premises.

About our company
Founded by working families with children under five, our company provides its members with a nurturing child
development program for kids ranging from 6 weeks through 5 years. We also offer parents and caregivers access to on site
inspiring and well appointed workspace, conference, call and community space. Our club rounds out our three core offerings
with fitness, we have an “on your time” fitness suite which includes Peloton Bikes, streaming yoga, strength and fitness
classes as well as cardio and rowing machines. All members receive the above included in their customizable monthly
membership fee and have a range of additional support available to them in order to take the stress out of the incredibly
important first handful of years as a family. Our goal is to take the stress out of some of the more regular daily tasks by
innovating the way we work and live

Salary: $42K - $55K

Company Description:

Kindred Communications is boutique direct-hire placement headhunting firm with a focus on diversity and inclusion tech placement. We strive to diversify the workforce once placement at a time.